Welcome to Xtreme Safety - Where you will find a full range of personal protective equipment ready to be delivered at your door.


Xtreme Safety is a dynamically stable-growing company committed to help people and businesses to improve the health and safety in all work environments. We intend to assist our customers to build enduring safety culture with a range of high quality products at competitive prices, helping your business to make your workplace, yourself and your workers safer. Personal protective equipment range of products includes: gloves, safety glasses, ear plugs, coveralls, masks, etc.


Our aim is to make 100% of our customers happy with a high standard customer service and great quality products.


Why choose Xtreme Satefy as your Safety gear supplier?

. Reliable, professional company;

. Fast delivery;

. Great value for money;

. High quality products.




To be the smartest choice for individual/businesses requiring PPE, providing a world class, differentiated service, focused on adding value to our customer’s process, whilst addressing customer’s needs in a professional and dynamic manner.




To become a premium PPE supply chain vendor in Australia, with innovative products and differentiated service, helping people towork free of risk to their wellbeing.